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HOKR was formed in 1979 in Prague, Czechoslovakia, by Pavel Cermak (keyboards, vocals), his younger brother Petr Cermak (drums), who emigrated to USA in 1985, Vit Novak-Rosnecky (bass) and Petr 'Hadzi' Hrkal (bass). Vladimir Liska (vocals, lyrics) joined in 1980. During 1979-82 the members operated as the two simultaneous bands HOKR 1 and HOKR 2 and from 1986 to 1999 many personell changes happened until finally they disbanded in 1999. Around 1981 HOKR attempted to get the required official permission for performing in public. However, the authorities refused to grant it due to the nonconforming musical style and lyrics. Nevertheless during 1979-1985 the band succeeded in organizing about 15 'unofficial' performances in and around Prague, mainly for friends and friends of friends. Live recordings from several of these concerts are existing, but all are of a very low sound recording quality
'Chemická' - 1982
'U zelené záby' - 1982
'Na Chmelnici' - 1985
'Na Jurecku' - 1982
'Parizská, 15 years anniversary' - 1994

In 2002 most of the original members decided to make a studio recording of music composed by HOKR between 1979 and 1985 and produced the album 'Hokrova Vila' during two sessions in 2003/2004.
HOKR has a unique style which is originated first of all by Vladimir Liska's native vocals and Pavel Cermak's dramatic keyboard work - recommended czech underground progressive rock.
HOKR members 1979 - 1999:

Pavel Cermak - keyboards, vocals (1979-99)
Petr Cermak - drums (1979-85)
Vit Novak-Rosnecky - bass (1979-82, HOKR 1)
Petr 'Hadzi' Hrkal - bass (1979-99, HOKR 2)
Vladimir Liska - vocals, lyrics (1980-84, HOKR 2)
Standa Zemlicka - violin (1982, HOKR 1)
Vojta Havel - cello (1982, HOKR 1)
Richard Slach - sax, guitar (1983-86)
Ladislav Jakl - vocals, drums (1985-99)
Jiri Bily - vocals
Vlado Kanuk - guitar, flute
Ivan Michal - drums
and others ...

Current band members

In autumn 2004 Pavel Cermak, Vladimir Liska, Vit Rosnecky, Franta Jakes build new band Poco Loco. In 2007, under this name and in this formation was made CD "Slice Of Jelly"
In spring 2010 Vít Rosnecky (bass) left the band and was replaced by Honza Skopek.
In the same year, 26th November the name of the band Poco Loco has been changed to the former old-new name HOKR.

Pavel Čermák

Pavel Čermák

keyboards, vocals ( bands: Hokr, ex-Poco Loco, Alarm, Abigail...)

Poco Loco or Abigail

Vladimír Liška

vocal, percussion ( bands: Hokr, ex-Poco Loco...)

Poco Loco

Richard Slach

Sax, vocals, megafon ( bands Hokr, ex-Classic Rock'n'Roll Band, ex-Poco Loco, Tichá Šárka...)

Poco Loco or Tichá Šárka

Honza Škopek

Bass ( bands: Hokr, ex-Poco Loco, Abigail...)

Poco Loco or Abigail

Franta Jakeš

Drums ( bands: Hokr, ex-Poco Loco, Letouni soumraku...)

Poco Loco or Letouni soumraku a Tichá Šárka